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  • Huang, Yuan-Ho

    Professor and Director of Department of Library and Information Science

    Yuan-Ho Huang Yuan-Ho Huang
    Tel & Fax 02-29052389、02-29017405(Fax)
    Highest degree Ph D. Graduate School of Management, College of Management, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
    Research Interest and Specialty Knowledge and Innovation Management, Informetrics and Information Communication Patterns, Patent Analysis, Innovative Knowledge Services, e-Business and Enterprise Resource Planning
    Teaching Areas(Course) Knowledge Management; Informetrics; Statistics; Networked Information Resources; System Analysis and Design; Patent Retrieval and Analysis
    Office Hour Monday 12:00-17:30;Tuesday to Thursday 9:00-17:30; Friday 9:00-12:00
    Office Located LE821, 8F, Wen-Kai Building
    Lee, Cheng-Chi


    Cheng-Chi Lee Cheng-Chi Lee
    Tel 02-29053372
    Highest degree Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at National Chung-Hsing University
    Research Interest and Specialty Information Security, Network Security, Wireless Communications System, Digital Library
    Teaching Areas(Course) Algorithm, Introduction to Computer, Introduction to Computer Network, System Analysis and Design, Media Service, Network Security
    Office Hour Mon. 13:30-16:30, Tue. 13:30-16:30
    Office Located LE816, 8F, Wen-Kai Building
    Lin, Lih-Juan

    Professor and Director of Fu Jen Catholic University Library

    Lih-Juan Chan Lin Lih-Juan Chan Lin
    Tel & Fax 02-29053226
    Highest degree Ed. D, University of Georgia, USA
    Research Interest and Specialty Digital Learning, Computer-Mediated Interaction, Information Literacy, Teaching Technology
    Teaching Areas(Course) Undergraduate courses:
    Introduction to Media, Media Service, Design of E-Learning Content, Project, Cognitive Psychology
    Graduate courses:
    Information and Cognition, Multimedia and Readers, Theories of Instruction, Directed Independent Studies, Research Methodology
    Office Hour Monday 13:30- 16:00
    Office Located LE820, 8F, Wen-Kai Building
    Wu, Cheng-Juei


    Cheng-Juei Wu Dr Cheng-Juei Wu
    Tel & Fax 02-29052333、02-29017405(Fax)
    Highest degree Ph.D. in Computer Science, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
    Research Interest and Specialty Metadata, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic
    Teaching Areas(Course) Data Structure, Metadata, Fuzzy Logic, Computer Networks
    Office Hour Monday 10:00-12:00
    Office Located LE818, 8F, Wen-Kai Building
    Chen, Kuan-Chih

    Associate Professor

    Kuan-Chih Chen Kuan-Chih Chen
    Tel 02-29052861
    Highest degree Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of History, Chinese Culture University
    Research Interest and Specialty Chinese Ancient Book Study, Philology, Ancient Bibliography Study, Library History
    Teaching Areas(Course) The collation and utilization of Ancient Books, Social Science Resources, Reference Resources, Library Promoting and Marketing, Reader Services, Guided Independent Study
    Office Hour  Mon. 13:40-15:30, Tue. 20:30-22:10
    Office Located  ES920, 9F, Continuing Education Building
    Chen, Shih-chuan

    Associate Professor

    Shih-chuan Chen Shih-chuan Chen
    Tel 02-29053316
    Highest degree Ph.D. in Library and Information Science at National Taiwan University
    Research Interest and Specialty E-learning, Information Behavior, Information Retrieval, Information communication
    Teaching Areas(Course) Subject Analysis, Information Behavior, Digital Archives and E-learning, Scholarly Communications and Electronic Publishing, Electronic Publishing and Digital Reading
    Office Hour  Tue. 14:30-15:30
    Office Located  LG306, 3F
    Chen, Shun-Der

    Associate Professor and Director of Office of Human Resources

    Shun-Der Chen Shun-Der Chen
    Tel & Fax 02-29053315、02-29017405(Fax)
    Highest degree Ph.D., National Tsing Hua University
    Research Interest and Specialty Information retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Multimedia, etc..
    Teaching Areas(Course) Operating System, Program Language, Algotithm, Computer Network, Homepage design
    Office Hour AM10~12, Monday & PM 1~3, Tuesday
    Office Located LE820, 8F, Wen-Kai Building
    Mao, Ching-Chen Anthony

    Associate Professor

    Ching-Chen Anthony Mao Ching-Chen Anthony Mao
    Tel & Fax 02-29052334(voice), 02-29017405(Fax)
    Highest degree Master, Department of Library Science, National Taiwan University
    Research Interest and Specialty Free Software, Free Information, Information Organization
    Teaching Areas(Course)
  • Internet Communities
  • Collection Development
  • Information Organization
  • Public Liraries
  • Open Access Information
  • Office Hour Wed. 10:00-12:00
    Office Located LE820, 8F, Wen-Kai Building
    Peng, Yu-Ping

    Associate Professor

    Yu-Ping Peng Yu-Ping Peng
    Tel 02-2905-3242
    Highest degree Ph. D., Graduate School of Management, Ming Chuan University, Taipei, Taiwan.
    Research Interest and Specialty Children’s Library, Human Resource Management in Information Service Institution, Leadership and Communication in Information Service Institution, Reader’s Service
    Teaching Areas(Course) Undergraduate courses
    Collection Development, Children’s Library, Books for Children and Teenagers
    Graduate courses
    Research on Reader’s Service, Independent Research, Human Resource Management in Information Service Institution, Leadership and Communication in Information Service Institution
    Office Hour Tue. 10:00-16:30, Wed. 10:30-16:30, Thu. 13:00-16:30, Fri. 10:00-15:30
    Office Located LG 306, 3F
    Dong, Huei-Ru

    Assistant Professor

    Huei-Ru Dong Huei-Ru Dong
    Tel & Fax 02-29053245、02-29017405(Fax)
    Highest degree Ph.D. in Library and Information Science at National Taiwan University
    Research Interest and Specialty Informetrics
    Patent analysis
    Research Evaluation
    Information Organization
    Social Network Analysis
    Teaching Areas(Course) Bibliometrics and Scholar Evaluation
    Introduction to Bibliometrics
    Patent Information and Patent Searching
    Office Hour Tue. 15:40-17:00, Wed. 10:10-12:00, Fri. 15:30-16:30
    Office Located LE819, 8F, Wen-Kai Building